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        Q: Where is the low oil pressure switch on a 94 S10 Chevy?
A: The petroleum could be filthy or the filter could be obstructed . The petroleum pumpscreen could be obstructed or the pumping could be going bad . 

Q: What is High Pressure and low pressure?
A: The `` literal '' answering to your issue would be 0/0 . That is deceased . However , if you mean how low is it possible and still be okay , that are able respond to a small in a different way . Normal , optimum blood pressure is 120/80 , as the rule . The TOP number is feasible to a small more flexible than the bottom . When the bottom number hits ninety , it is a source of concern , a visit to the doctorss , and intervention toward getting wholesome . Low blood pressure is a relative term . If the first is HYPOTENSIVE , these people are below the twelve0/80 . Some people is less than that , all the time . Thin people , smokers , and other persons is feasible to aware and alerts at 60/35-40 whilst reclined and resting . So , blood pressure is relative to what each individuals ' baseline BP is . What your body can tolerates as a low , is perhaps not the same as the other individual . And , should it drop abruptly , may cause fainting . It also depending on WHAT reasons why the declines is . There 's a big variance in stand up too quickly and hemorrhaging . 

Q: Why the low engine oil pressure light stay on in your dodge ram 1500 van 1997?
A: Ok i got ta say it LOW OIL PRESSURE : ) Just messin with you : ) it could be multiple things your low on petroleum , you got a serious leaking , or the enigne 's history , I think low petroleum level maybe it is the most frequent . I have an '01 Aztek and the Oil Pressure Switch ( Sending unit ) is bad . It 's a $ 15- $ 25 part relying on wherever you buy it . Take it to a qualified shopping and 've got them `` scanning '' the computer . It needs to demonstrate up as a shopd difficulty code . Mine solely did it a few random times . For those of us who 've forfeited an petroleum pumping , you usually `` know '' by the truly bad knocking noises from under the hood . If this is not the switching , sorry , you need a pumping !