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Low fog machine

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About low fog machine

Low-lying fog machines, also known as low fog machines and fog chillers, are commonly used at weddings because they can create the effect of dancing on clouds, making the ceremony beautifully presented in photographs and in videos. Low-lying fog is also widely used in concert-touring and fixed installation applications like concerts, discos, operas, circuses, theme parks, etc.

Types of low fog machines

A fog chiller machine that depends on dry ice generates low fog by spraying hot water on the dry ice. The advantage of a dry ice machine is that it can generate lasting, thicker, and better ground adherence fog due to the low temperature of dry ice. Regular ice machine or fog chiller involves the basic physics that cooler air sinks whereas warmer air rise, so the fogs go through the ice and cool down, then sink close to the ground and produce low-lying fog. The advantage of this kind of ice fog machine is that it is easy to find ice and has competitive pricing compared with dry ice. Another type of low fogger is the ultrasonic low fog generator, which consists of a fogger part and an ultrasonic part. Its fogger part will generate fog and mix with atomized water, making the fog heavier when it blows out from the machine, and it will adhere to the ground. The advantage of this type of low fog generator is that it can generate long low-lying fog and is cost-efficient as it uses just fog fluid and water.

What is the difference between a smoke machine and a low fog machine?

Both smoke machines and low fog machines can produce a similar visual effect, but the smoke produced by smoke machines rises and dissipates around the room, while low fog generators produce cold liquid particles, and fog remains close to the ground. Smoke machines create this effect by cooling fluid to liquid particles, but a ground fog machine usually creates an intense burst of fog instead of a subtler diffusion.