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2.The extruded soya bean protein machine adopts low temperature soyabean powder as main material to produce new foods which looks like muscle and has the sense of mastication. 3. 1-2 of our engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the processing line to realize normal production at shortest time. 4. Our engineers have responsibility to teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the machines, until the workers could well operate the processing line.

, Ltd Introduction: The Soy Isolated Protein Production Line use soy protein, wheat gluten as main raw material, making by the newly designed extruder and the associated equipment , the final products look, feel and taste like meat products, satisfied with different flavor, histological fiber structure, and highly nutrients content. After Sales Service; Dedicated department and engineers for providing the timely and efficient service when the clients' need, such as formula, parameters setting, and spare parts; Packaging & Shipping All Machine will be cleaned and entirely wraped by plastic film to avoid any scratch; Extra Spare Parts, wires and tool box will be placed with the package; Deliver Department and sales will check the list to aviod any missing, and possible mistake; Good quality wooden cases to protecting the machine for long-tme shipment; 1 Where is your factory9 Jinan city, Shandong Province, China 2 What is your machine warranty9 1 year. 3 Do you supply spare parts9 Yes, we supply spare parts with reasonable price; 4 What can you provide for after sale service9 We can send engineers to your factory for installation and training if customers‘ required 5 If we show you our layout of factory, can you help to design the whole process line9 Yes, our experienced engineers and technical employee can help you to arrange the layout and installation of whole process line based on your real situation; 6 How can we contatc you if we meet problems during production9 Phone/email/wechat/whatsapp/Skype are all available.

My engineer will design the line according to your requirement. Q Can you help to design machine if we have samples of new product9 A Yes. Our technical department can help to analysis,design and test the new products you offered.

2. Can you arrange your technicians to install the machine for us9 Answer:Yes,We will assign our engineers to go abroad for installing machines for our users. ,LTD is a professional machinery produce company who mainly designs, manufactures and sales food processing machines,Packing Machines,Wood Processing Machines,Etc. ,LTD is a professional machinery produce company who mainly designs, manufactures and sales food processing machines,Packing Machines,Wood Processing Machines,Etc.

2. It is suitable to fill the powders into bottles,cans,and bags. The filling mouth is adjustable according to different containers. 2. PLC touch sreen control system,high accuracy and easy to operate.

Automatic tea powder packing machine/herb flour packaging machine Scope of application This machine is widely applied for food,phamacy eutical,and chemical products in mesh size range from 120 to 400,such as milk powder,soya powder,cosmetic powder,slimming tea,medical powder.etc. Machine Picture: Machine features: 1. This machine can finish : forming bag--measuring--material filling—sealing—counting—date code printing, all the work automatically; 2. Photoelectric and tracing system or computer system can be provided without your specific requirements. 3. The PLC controller has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag; the out put alarm and the speed and quantity with buttons; 4. This machine can be installed to code printer for 1-3 lines characters such as production and expiry date according to your special request.

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Try using machinery of protein found on to make many types of production jobs faster and easier. Each model can be filled with different types of liquid and quickly dispensed into containers. Use machinery of protein to fill paint cans with speed and precision. Other compatible fluids include resin or glue, making such devices suitable for manufacturing all kinds of helpful products.

All machinery of protein are built to be easy to operate, reducing labor and training times needed. Some versions can pour food-grade liquids such as beer or milk into bottles for future sealing. Most units work automatically so workers can program them and stay back as they work on their own. When installed on a factory floor, they offer greater efficiency to help save time and costs.

Shop for machinery of protein at to find many helpful suppliers with a wide range of options that can be ordered. Choose just the right size to fit the intended workspace. Pick a wattage level that promises good speed and power without using too much electricity and driving up costs. Certain designs can dispense products in the form of powder or granules into nearby containers. Use these to package particular powdered food and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Search for machinery of protein on and enjoy lower costs when working with various liquids or powders. Whether for use in food manufacturing or building materials, there are plenty of options to browse. Find a satisfactory brand that will improve efficiency for better overall quality in each final product.