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Magnetic floating shoe display

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About magnetic floating shoe display

A magnetic floating shoe display can be placed in a shoe store or exhibition or supermarket. The levitation shoe display is eye-catching to the audience and the customers. Many people also use the shoe levitation display at trade shows.

What is the Use of A Magnetic Floating Shoe Display?

A shoe levitation display is available for different shoe sizes. Moreover, a sneaker levitation display can float sneakers. Also, a magnetic levitating shoe display can float high-heels, children’s shoes, hiking shoes, sports shoes, loafers, and many other types of shoes. The led light in a shoe levitation stand makes the shoes more shining and bright. Besides, a floating rotating shoe display gives a 360-degree view of a shoe. Therefore, customers can get a complete view from each side before making the decision to buy it. Buyers can even buy a floating magnetic shoe display as home decor for personal use at home. Besides, this modern-day artwork can be a unique piece of gift for any occasion.

How Does a Magnetic Floating Shoe Display Work?

Magnets are placed inside the shoes. The electromagnet power works with the magnet to make the shoes float in the air. The magnet inside the shoes and the magnet in the shoe levitation stand repel each other and make the shoe float. There is an in-built LED light inside the magnetic levitation shoe display. This makes it possible to keep the shoe in constant view. Besides, the rotating fan helps the sneaker to rotate inside the magnetic sneaker display.

How to Install a Levitation Shoe Display?

A magnetic floating shoe display is easy to install and you can do it without anyone’s help. The levitation shoe display box contains a shoe levitation stand, a magnet, a remote, and a plug-in. One needs to take the shoe levitation device out of the box and get it plugged in. Then you need to hit the power button on it. The next thing you have to check is the remote. So, you need to press it and see if it changes the LED light color. The remote may have other functions like making the color fade or smooth depending on the brand you are using. Now, you have to insert the magnet inside the shoes and you are all set to make the shoe float in the levitation shoe display.