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Discover a vast range of magnetic flow switch options, as well as a number of related switches and accessories, all available to buy direct from wholesalers in China. These high standard items include a number of magnetic flow switch items, essential for many types of system. Used to monitor the pressure and rate of flow, these clever switches are used in a wide variety of systems. This includes the flow of gas, air, oil, water and other liquids. These clever switches are also sometimes listed as 'flow indicators' or 'flow sensors'.

Water flow options are used extensively in plumbing, notably for use in sprinkler systems, pumps and hot tubs. Air and gas switch varieties are used in HVAC systems, filter systems, exhaust ventilation and boilers. All of the types of switches in these listings feature a magnetic trigger or paddle which sends a signal to a transmitter, via a transducer, which then compares the flow or pressure according to preset measures. If the flow or pressure rises too high or too low (outside of preset parameters) it will trigger a reaction within the system, which may be in the form of an alarm, or a shut down of part of the system.

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