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Levitating shoe displays make a sneaker or shoe look like it is floating in mid-air. These magnetic levitating shoe displays are cool to use in a walk-in closet or boutique window. They are show-stoppers and will get customers to stop in front of your shop and come in to buy a pair.

How does the levitating shoe display work?

Levitating shoe displays use the power of electromagnetics to suspend a shoe or sneaker in the air. The shoe display has powerful magnets that are inserted into the heel of the shoe to make it float. The electromagnetic current works with the magnet inserted in the heel of the shoe to hold it up and make it seem like it is suspended. Most levitating shoe displays have built-in LED lights that give the display case a futuristic look and feel. These lights also highlight the sneaker’s design. What’s more, some levitating shoe displays come with 360-degree rotation capabilities which further accentuates the style, design, and desirable nature of the shoe.

Types of levitating shoe display

Single levitating shoe displays showcase one shoe at a time. They are the most commonly used in the market since they allow the shoe to stand out and steal the attention of onlookers. A double levitating shoe display allows buyers to showcase two sneakers or shoes instead of just one at a time. These can come in handy if the buyer has limited space in which to display their shoes. Levitating shoe display prices usually vary depending on the number of shoes they can accommodate and the brand from which the buyer purchases the display case. Purchase levitating shoe displays for sale on Alibaba.com today. Float levitating shoe displays can be very affordable. See numerous levitating shoe displays for sale from manufacturers all over the world on the website.

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