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The mahjong table provides a dedicated space for players to enjoy the traditional Chinese game. It has specific features that enhance the gaming experience with family and friends. This table has a smooth surface for tiles to slide smoothly. Discover a wide range of mahjong table styles, types, and sizes for your business on Alibaba.com.

Types of mahjong tables

An automatic mahjong table has become popular because it offers a modern and convenient way of playing the game. This table has an electric or mechanical system that shuffles, deals, and organizes the tiles. It automatically shuffles the tiles and forms the wall with a push of a button. Players will spend little time shuffling, making the game faster and easier to play. A traditional mahjong table has a sturdy construction crafted from solid wood. It has a built-in drawer, racks, or grooves for storing mahjong tiles and accessories. This table is suitable for players who prefer the traditional aesthetics of the game. A folding mahjong table has hinges that make it simple to set up and fold down when not in use for proper storage. This table is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around. It is a great option for casual players with limited space. You can find automatic mahjong tables with a foldable design. An electronic mahjong table has digital features like an LED touch screen display and an electronic scoring system. It allows players to choose game settings, track scores, and display virtual tiles for an interesting gaming experience.

How to choose a mahjong table

Before buying a mahjong table, you need to consider the material's durability, style, and extra features. Even though traditional mahjong tables are made of solid wood, buyers can find tables with metal or plastic material. A plastic mahjong table is affordable but lacks the aesthetic appeal of a wooden table. This table has a soft felt fabric on top for tiles to glide through. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Metal frames like stainless steel, aluminum, or iron offer stability and durability to the mahjong table. A mahjong table for sale with extra features like USB charges, ashtrays, and drink holders is perfect for game nights and parties. Consider a mahjong table with adjustable heights for players to set a comfortable height when playing. A convertible mahjong table is multi-functional and can act as a dining or regular table. Some tables feature intricate designs and hand-crafted details for a luxurious and decorative look.