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Majorettes are a group of young women who march at the front of a musical band in a procession. Majorette uniforms are the costumes they wear to perform this art. Majorette dancing began as a carnival dance from Rhineland in Germany. The dance involved women twirling batons and moving their arms in an 8-count tempo. When the dance reached the U.S, it was transformed into hip hop style. Now, a wide range of hip hop majorette uniforms have been created specifically for this dance style. Girls in majorette parade uniforms or majorette uniforms for HBCU are often found alongside cheerleaders at high school and college sporting events.

Majorette Uniform Designs

Majorette dance wears have evolved since their inception. In old times, women wore white majorette uniforms that had an overall cute appearance with military-inspired flippy skirts, short tasseled boots, and frog closed jackets. Now, schools want to incorporate features that are common in show costumes, such as shine and dazzle. They are made to enhance the athletic form of the majorettes. The majorette uniforms now also come in a variety of styles as well. For instance, you may find majorette dance uniforms with fringe, among several other designs. Many designers of the uniform are now body inclusive, so you’ll find plus size majorette uniforms as well.

Types of Majorette Dance Clothes

There are two types of majorette uniforms. They include the nostalgic uniforms and the competitive majorette uniforms. The nostalgic uniforms are usually worn in remembrance of majorette dancers in the mid-90s. The uniforms included short pleated skirts, paired with white tasseled boots or sneakers. The costume also included gloves and a feathered hat for identification. The competitive majorette uniforms featured spangled leotards with flashy cutouts. Depending on the purpose for use, the costume could be designed in a variety of colors. For instance, a team wearing red and black majorette uniforms might also wear bold matching makeup and hairstyles to complement the attire. The major difference between the two types is the modesty of costumes.

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