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The motor decreases rotation speed which result in low consumption during pressure hold period. 4. Environmental friendly: The complete machine runs under low noisy, low speed operation and quite. 5. Constant oil temperature: The servo motor output hydraulic oil according to proportion to avoid extra heat.

However, by one step injection stretch blow molding machine, from the raw material to productis processed by one step. With the heat from preform injection to stretch and blow, unnecessary reheating and shorten preform cooling time to save energy. injection molding machine optimizes the working structure, removes molding disadvantage factor, cuts off the complicated working procedure to ensure molding more reliable and increase the reject rate.

high quality plastic electric switch making machine manufacturer BEST Machine

High quality and innovative products ,outstanding productivity ,efficient management ,perfect technical solutions and service We are the member of Germany TUV (ISO9001:2000) registered and Italy CE certified (IG 0407). Technical Parameter Item Unit Parameter INJECTION UNIT screw diameter mm 90 95 105 screw L/D ratio L/D 23.2 22 19.9 theoretical shot volume cm*3 2861 3188 3894 shot weight(ps) g 2603 2901 3543 injection pressure Mpa 195 175 143 theoretical injection rate g/s 560 610 700 plastic capacity g/s 85 100 110 CLAMPING UNIT max. daylight mm 1910 OTHER pump motor power KW 67 pump pressure Mpa 16 heating power KW 46.45 size m 10.1x2.6x2.8 net weight t 40 oil tank capacity L 1500 plastic molding machine CERTIFICATE SHIPMENT Back to Home

Q2:Can you sending engineer to oversea install machine and trainning customer's workers. Q2: Yes,We will send engineer to customer factory install the machine or trainning customer's workers. Q6:If i Need Green Color machine,can you do it for us9 Q7: Yes,please give us the color sample.

SONLY's "U-TS"series with clamping force ranges from 98ton to 3400ton injection molding machine. besides, we also have special machine for PVC, PET, Variable Pump, clear double color, servo-motor machine,high speed injection machine. Following specification is U590TS : Related Products Model shot weight (g) Space between bars (mm) Model shot weight (g) Space between bars (mm) U98TS 146 365*360 U508TS 2018 805*715 U118TS 196 380*380 U530TS 2263 820*800 U140TS 217 420*420 U590TS 2437 845*830 U158TS 289 430*430 U680TS 3164 915*915 U168TS 361 467*467 U780TS 4018 985*985 U178TS 411 485*465 U1080TS 5553 1160*1160 U218TS 518 510*510 U1400TS 7186 1350*1300 U238TS 642 530*530 U1680TS 7972 1555*1430 U265TS 710 585*565 U1850TS 9245 1655*1430 U300TS 913 610*585 U2400TS 12054 1800*1620 U368TS 1243 685*685 U2600TS 23753 1860*1710 U400TS 1512 745*705 U2800TS 40596 1900*1800 U438TS 1788 765*765 U3400TS 50960 2160*1900 CONTACT Detailed Images Packaging & Shipping

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Make your cap production more time and labor-saving with top-rated. make plastic injection machine available at Alibaba.com. These. make plastic injection machine are loaded with astonishing attributes that foster efficiency and performances that align with users’ expectations. They simplify the steps of making caps for you to produce more within a short timeframe. These. make plastic injection machine present to you a sure way to increase the capacity and profitability of your facility.

Installing, using, and maintaining these. make plastic injection machine are straightforward tasks that require minimal effort. The ease of cleaning makes their maintenance simple by preventing the accumulation of dirt and other materials that could inhibit efficiency. At Alibaba.com, you’ll come across a vast collection of these. make plastic injection machine comprising different sizes, models, and distinct production capacities. From this selection, discover the most befitting. make plastic injection machine depending on your productivity and space specifications.

The safety features incorporated in these. make plastic injection machine ensure operators are protected from potential work-related accidents and injuries. Take advantage of this feature that contributes to the popularity of these machines among many users. The. make plastic injection machine come with powerful mortars that use moderate amounts of electric energy, and therefore, help you save on electricity bills.. make plastic injection machine manufacturers and sellers listed on the site include leading global brands, which guarantees that every purchase you make delivers top-notch items.

Select the most favorable. make plastic injection machine option for you at Alibaba.com and experience the best value for your money. The durability and productivity you’ll experience will show why these amazing products are worth every dollar. Shopping from the site gives you the utmost convenience by saving you a lot of time and effort.