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Mannequin head

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About mannequin head

Mannequin heads are used for cosmetic applications such as hair dressing, makeup practice, and testing eyelash extensions. Cosmetology practitioners typically practice applying makeup on mannequin heads as they are an invaluable tool for developing skills. Mannequin heads are also commonly used by beauty stores as wig stands to showcase their products or as decorations. Cosmetology mannequin heads vary in structure, material, and shape. Common types of mannequin heads on the market are as follows:

Styrofoam wig head

Styrofoam wig heads are perfect for pinning wigs on. This type of mannequin head is significantly lighter than other types, but is not as versatile due to its material. A significant advantage of these heads is their lower price.

Canvas block mannequin head

Canvas block mannequin heads are made of polyurethane (PU) foam and covered in canvas which can dissipate any odors quickly. This allows hair stylists to wash, style, and display wigs at a time. It also does not require a mannequin head stand.

PE mannequin head

This type of mannequin head is made of polyethylene (PE) and has a hollow interior design. These mannequin heads typically have a more authentic appearance and are crafted using higher-quality materials. Thus PE mannequin heads are commonly used to showcase jewelry, hats, spectacles, and masks.

PVC mannequin head

A PVC mannequin head is made with a PU foam filling and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. These foam mannequin heads are more durable than some of the other options on the market and are typically purchased as a mannequin head with hair.

Fiberglass mannequin head

This type of mannequin head is made of fiberglass and is more durable than other types of heads. Fiberglass mannequin heads are typically used to exhibit hair extensions, wigs, necklaces, and even headphones in electronics stores. Due to its durability, fiberglass heads are usually more expensive than other types.

There are all kinds of mannequin heads from thousands of wholesale sellers and manufacturers across the world. Find wig heads for decorating salons, practicing makeup, or for displaying wigs, hats, and other headgear on