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Best selling Tractor PTO 4 row corn planter with cheap price 1: Sowing by weight, no damage to the seeds . There is an anti-reverse mechanism at the inside of driving gear to avoid troubles arising from corn seeder reverse turning. Main specification: Best selling Tractor PTO 4 row corn planter with cheap price : Model dimensions(mm) structure mass no.

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· It is efficient to sow at 30 seconds to 1 minute per box. · It is economical because you can surely seed coat seeds up to the last one grain. Not only that, It is fixed by two screws, so you can be easily replaced.

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Alibaba.com makes dreamt-of modern agriculture a reality with this vast range of manual seeder. Choose a seeder type and brand easily and enjoy superb price-offs when you shop digitally from the comfort of your home. manual seeder suppliers and wholesalers can also take advantage of amazing offers while making bulk purchases.