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Enjoy clean clothes and linens with manual washing machines. Alibaba.com offers manual washing machines for all types of buyers, whether you're an individual buying for your own home or stocking your retail warehouse. 

Manual washers save time over hand-washing and they provide a solution where electric or gas-powered units just won't work. This includes small and off-grid homes. There are manual clothes washers that plug into a hose or other water supply, units that require users to pour in water as well as units that accommodate both types of filling. Capacity options are diverse. Large-capacity manually operated washing machines are an ideal choice for family homes and hospitality settings, while manual mini washing machines work well for individuals or couples without much extra space.

Alibaba.com purveys a wide variety of manual washing machine options, such as all-in-one washer/dryers, portable manual washing machines and mini washing machines. Explore washing machine pumps, commercial equipment and more. Select from among over 19,000 suppliers to find your perfect match for manual laundry machines sellers. Multiple toggles allow you to efficiently locate and buy the item or items that are right for you. Select "Ready to Ship" if you need your manually operated washing machine as soon as possible. 

No matter the type or quantity that you want, Alibaba.com has a solution. The site's generous selection of manual washing machines and related items makes it easy to get the products you need. Whether you're a stockist or buying for your personal use, Alibaba.com have all types of the manual washing machine.