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Marble wall board

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About marble wall board

Marble wall boards are a popular pick for home finishing and have been widely used for a long time. The whole room looks more put together after adoption and installation. Marble wall panels are especially cherished for their premium look. They radiate elegance and give rooms an ultra-luxe feel. Available in an array of colors, designs, and finishes for all interior designs. Moreover, they are resistant to stains and scratches, making maintenance and cleaning much easier. Little scratches are often unnoticeable due to their deep veining design.

Carrara marble wall boards

Straight from Italy, Carrara is a popular choice among customers for its affordability. Carrara marble wall boards come in a variety of colors and textures. Usually, they can be used as countertops, flooring, backsplash, and wall tiles, depending on the interior. Carrara marble slabs are an ideal choice for home, and they have veining patterns that are fine and have a softer look.

Calacatta marble wall boards

Another option is Calacatta marble wall boards, which are expensive and more premium than regular Carrara marble. People often confuse them with Carrara marble boards. Calacatta marble slabs are white with thick gray or gold veining. This distinguishes Calacatta marble from other variants. The gold veins add a richer and more dramatic effect to any space. Their unique designs make them stand out, price-wise and look-wise. They are a designer's chosen option because of their versatile warm, and relaxed appearance. Their reflective and brighter finish adds light and vibrancy to the home.

Statuary marble wall boards

Statuary marble wall boards are lesser-known but have the same properties as Carrara marble. Although they are more neutral and muted than Italian marble, they have yellow-to-beige variants and can complement any home design. Statuary marble slabs are quite popular with minimal, more contemporary homes.

Each design has its own merits. But beware that these marble slabs are delicate items and require professional handling due to their weight. Leave the installation to the professionals and enjoy the beauty of these marvelous marbles!