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        Q: Why did my heat pump compressor fail?
A: Can you get the head pressure up to 180 psig ? That will simulate a 95 degree day and closer to devise condition . Disconnect the fan or cover up the condenser top .  Then , you will 've got a better idea .  The compressor 're not work hard with 4.5 amps .  I believe is maybe it is a low loading condition , with the exception for the low Delta T of 8 .  Edit :  You got it to 150 psig . ok. What else ? The lp is 98 which is high . The evaporator is required to full of liquids and not enoughly heating energy turning now it to vapor . Why ? The coils are filthy , or the measuring device is opening too far . Maybe the bulb , something is wrong there .  I must tell it does n't fit my 5 symptoms in some way . For example , a  -Low charging would have low lp read and high sh .  -Overcharge would have high hp .  -Low Load would have high delta T.  -LL limitations would have high sh and sc .  -Bad compressor valves would have high sh .  You have a low reading in the majority of such categories .  These do n't include any Electrical issuing which it could be the reversing valve .  One more idea for you is this . My instructor told be once when you have a situation that does n't determined in accordance with anything , the answering is that there exist air in the system . Air will displace coolant and you get all various p/t readings . You 'd have shall be substituted for the R of path to find out . About 2 lbs per tonne . It would remove it as cause and later you are able testing the compressor , rv , metering device , air flow/ducts .  That was the only one things I can think of at the moment .  Now , I need a smoke . Good luck .  reEdit :  Can you pull a zero psig vacuum or a bit vacuum and hold it for ten minutes ? I am thinking a low discharge and high suction line pressure there exists something incorrect with the compessor . 

Q: 1988 Honda accord air conditioning fill point?
A: The AC compressor are not able is operating or else the system does not have enough freon . . If the AC functioned earlier , and the AC button does not light up than you might wish to verify on the fuzes and relays situate in the passenger compartment below the drivers kick panel and in the engine compatment on the passenger side . 

Q: Should I replace my A/C compressor, or condenser, or whole system?
A: . It could be that the outdoor fan 're not turning arousing the compressor to overheat and closed down on overload\nor your outdoor unit may be required to be hosed off . You would have been able a faulty run capacitor.\n . \nIf you do need a new compressor you have to examine the age of your unit , the necessity to replace expected indoor unit , \nand your financial position . The cost of a compressor 's over 500.00 in my region was later you 've got the labourers , coolant recovery , and misc charging . It could bring the total of the job to 1000.00 . Complete changing out \ncould run between five000 and 8000 relying on sized of equipment and geographical locale .