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Choose from an extensive array of. matte printer paper options at Alibaba.com in various dimensions. Buy. matte printer paper relevant for POS terminals, hotel catering, banking, telecommunication, medicines, retail, and more. Use. matte printer paper for long-lasting statements, invoices, and medical reports.

The material of the. matte printer paper at Alibaba.com is primarily virgin wood pulp. They are built in 3 layers, the first being a paper layer, and the next one being a layer with a heat-sensitive coating. The final layer comprises a protective film that aids in inkless printing wherein image darkness can go up to 1.3. The primary purpose of. matte printer paper is to be able to print without ribbons or inks. However,. matte printer paper are designed for scratch-free printing of invoices and other essential data, that need to stay intact for an extended period of 2-5 years. They use OEM or ODM printing or a smooth, bright white paper of up to 98% brightness levels.

The. matte printer paper options are at hand in roll form, wherein roll length can differ starting from 10m to 50 m, as per customer needs. The grammage also ranges from 40 GSM to 80 GSM. The standard dimensions of. matte printer paper are 80*80 mm, 57*50 mm, 80*70 mm, 57*68 mm. These differences in roll size are due to usage, some of these are suitable for POS paper, while some others fit the ticket dispenser machine or even restaurant orders. The core material is usually cardboard or honeycomb plastic. You can also avail printing of a customized logo on. matte printer paper along with manufacturing customized sizes.

Grab great deals from among various. matte printer paper at Alibaba.com. Avail stock to fulfill your printing needs round the clock. Buy now and ensure the best-in-class products and timely delivery with reputable. matte printer paper suppliers.