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        Q: Why does water come out of an air conditioner?
A: Air conditioners remove the moisture from the air and pump a dryer , cooler air back into your home . The water is a the results from this process . The cold evaporator coil on your AC system condenses the water vapour from your homes air as it is reverted to it through the fan . It does this by reducing the air temp below it ` s dew point temperature and dispatching the cooler/drier air back to the home . It shall be identical process that aro's using grass to be wet in the morning . 

Q: Air conditioner question?
A: With the info you have given there exist solely three things that it is able be at th's time .   First the ice was left over from beforethe motor was superseded atwhich time you wouldonly required to let the system sit for a small whilst to rid ourselves of the ice   Second freon is weak and you required to have someput into the system , youwill be required 's calling a profor this   Third the fan are not able be on the most rapid speeding achievable . This is feasible to altered on the board . 

Q: What to do if my air conditioner isn't working right?
A: well ... .my betting is that you 're low on coolant .  You can get a Do-It-Yourself kit to add a small , with or without dye , I believe it costs you about $ 40 or so ,  just do n't be so easily upset ... .one little can should do the trick if it 's occasionally blowing cold now .