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Melamine boards are widely used engineered wood panels in the construction industry. Essentially, these boards are laminated products made from melamine. Melamine is a low-pressure laminate that requires between 300 to 500 pounds per square inch. They are used in manufacturing kitchen cabinets, display counters, and even office furniture. Melamine panels have grown to be a popular material choice in buildings, offering a sleek and attractive look.

What are melamine boards made of?

Melamine sheets are composed of melamine resin(55%), hardener(22%), and other ingredients like fillers(23%). They can be made to measure up to 50mm thick but are often sold in 3mm sheets or tiles. Melamine-faced sheets are mainly used because they fit well into the modern, minimalist style of home décor.

What are the advantages of melamine boards?

Melamine is durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. It has a strong sense of resistance to heat, moisture, dirt, and stains. The surface can stand up to abuse or harsh environments, making these materials compatible with labor-intensive jobs. Melamine wood panels also feature a perfect finish, as melamine is available in a wide selection of textures and natural wood grains. Melamine-faced panels are a cost-effective, multipurpose option for adding color and texture to projects and designs. They can save money and time during application because there is no need to sand or finish as with solid wood.

What are melamine boards used for?

Due to their resistance to the elements, melamine particle boards are often used as external cladding on homes and buildings. They can also be used as a decorative wall covering in place of tiles or other materials. Melamine-faced boards are non-toxic, so they are also popular for use in children's bedrooms and playrooms. In addition, melamine plywood boards are easy to clean and maintain, making them a versatile option for a variety of applications.

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