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A menstrual cup is a silicone-based funnel cup that women use during their periods. It can also be called a period cup or a menstrual disk, depending on how deep the funnel is shaped. Period cups tend to follow the traditional funnel shape, while menstrual disks are more shallow and disc-like. Menstrual cups are usually made from latex rubber or silicone for comfort.

Learning how to insert a menstrual cup is important

A soft menstrual cup is prepared for insertion by rolling it tightly until it resembles a regular tampon or the so-called tulip shape. Once it is rolled, the menstrual cup is then inserted into the vagina. The cup will slowly unfold once it is securely placed inside. Once the entire cup settles inside the vagina, it is then ready to collect period blood. A menstrual cup for beginners is usually smaller and softer. This is because a small menstrual cup is easier for a woman to adjust to, especially when inserting it for the first time.

A menstrual cup must be cleaned after each use

After removing a menstrual cup from the vagina, it must be washed with warm water and soap. It should then be sterilized in boiling water to kill the germs and bacteria before the next use. Menstrual cup boiling is essential for cleaning menstrual cups thoroughly before reusing them for the next period cycle.

Using a menstrual cup offers many advantages

Menstrual cup benefits include efficiency, practicality, and sustainability. Menstrual cup use is efficient because it can collect period blood for up to 12 hours. It is also leak-proof and comfortable when placed in the right spot. It is practical because the cup can be reused for as long as it lasts. Women can save money instead of purchasing tampons and pads in bulk. Finally, menstrual cups are sustainable because they reduce the amount of pad and tampon waste since most of those sanitary products are disposable. They are an eco-friendly option for managing periods and could be women's one small step towards a greener earth.

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