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Metal lathe

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About metal lathe

Also referred to as the mother of all machines, the metal lathe is one of the most important machine tools in any metal workshop. This special machine is designed to rotate metallic workpieces on a spindle and help metal workers remove unwanted parts, leaving behind nicely shaped objects.

A metal lathe for sale can support various metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper, iron, and steel. Moreover, this versatile tool can hold and rotate, producing anything from simple shapes to sophisticated 3D designs.

A small metal lathe is made up of multiple parts that all work together, making this tool stand out. While it’s important to know what a metal lathe is, especially for business owners, understanding the main features is equally important before buying metal lathes in bulk.

Metal Lathe Bed

A small metal lathe bed connects to the headstock and is mounted on the right and left legs, which are bolted to the ground. This component can be made of iron or nickel-cast alloy and serves as the foundation that supports all other components. The bed also allows the tailstock to move along its axis while maintaining a relative trajectory during operation.

Metal Lathe Headstock and Tailstock

One of the main components of a craftsman metal lathe is the headstock. It is fitted on the left–hand side of the machine and houses the main shaft and variable speed transmission mechanism. The main purpose of the headstock is to support and transmit power to the main shaft through the variable transmission mechanism. This ensures that the shaft can rotate at a set speed.

A small metal lathe for sale will also have a tailstock. This is a movable casting that is located opposite the headstock, and it is made up of the dead center, adjustment screws, and handwheel. This component holds together all the tools necessary for operations like tapping, drilling, and reaming.

Small Metal Lathe Carriage

Another important feature of a metal lathe is the carriage, which seats between the head and tail stocks. The carriage is made up of the apron, compound rest, cross slide, saddle, and tool post. The main purpose of the carriage is to guide, support, and feed the machine against the workpiece.

With a range of powerful features, craftsman metal lathes offer quality results for components of metallic materials. Browse to buy wholesale metal lathes from various manufacturers and at affordable prices.