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            Keep a scrap yard or a recycling facility running smoothly with the resources it needs using a metal shredder machine from Alibaba.com. It reduces metal components to small fragments which take up less space in landfills or can be re-used in the manufacturing of new goods. A scrap metal shredder is an essential piece of equipment in many industrial facilities and different models come in a range of sizes and capacities.

A metal shredder works using a pair of grinders made of hardened steel with a series of teeth. These grip and pull in objects, crushing them flat and then breaking them into small pieces. These then exit the scrap metal shredder and go into a collection bin for later disposal or use in making recycled items. Some metal shredders are small enough to be easily accessible from the ground while others feature walk-up platforms or conveyor belts.

When choosing a metal shredder machine, consider the volume of shredding you'll be doing. If truckloads worth of scrap are coming in daily, consider a large dual shaft shredder. The two grinders inside the hopper are each powered by their own motor, adding the shredding power. A bigger model is also essential if you're shredding vehicles and other large pieces of equipment. A small metal shredder machine can handle smaller volumes of items such as metal cans and hardware components.

A metal shredder machine from Alibaba.com makes short work of not just metal but also scrap wiring, PVC pipe and even rubber such as tires. These are then used in a range of recycled and repurposed goods, reducing the need for new material. Reduce waste and help old items find new purpose with a metal scrap shredder machine.