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22 Item Standard Results Appearance Clear,Colorless Clear,Colorless Color(APHA) Max 10 5 Assay( by GC) % Min 99.9 ≥99.9 Water(by KF) % Max 300 64 Evaporation Residue, mg/kg Max 2.0 0.4 Titrable Acid. meq/g Max 0.0003 0.0001 Titrable Base, meq/g Max 0.0002 0.00003 Solubility in H2O Passes test passes test Acetone mg/kg Max 10 0 UV Absorbance,(1.00-cm cell vs. water) at 225 nm Max 0.15 0.1323 at 254 nm Max 0.01 0.0066 at 400 nm Max 0.01 0.0000 UV Cut-off nm Max 205 205 Gradient Elution Test (a,u) at 254 nm Max 0.002 0.001 Fluorescence Trace impurities, in ppb,(as Quinine Base) at 450 nm Max 0.3 0.1 Emission Maximum for impuritlies Max 1.0 0.4 3.package: 200kg/220kg/230kg drum,ISO tank or as customer's demand.

2.Glycolic acid crystal can be used in fine pharmaceutical synthesis, cosmetics, adhesive, solder, raw material for coating. 3.They are also used in emulsion polymers, solvents and ink and paint additive to improve flow properties and impart gloss . , L td , mainly specialized in the research, development and production of cosmetic ingredients, uv absorbents , plant extract and fine chemicals . etc.

first-aid: 1.Skin contact: Immediately remove contaminated clothing, with plenty of water or soap and water rinse for at least 15 minutes. 2.Eye contact: immediately filed eyelid, with plenty of water or saline thoroughly rinse for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.

: 201-180-5 Molecular Formula: C 2 H 4 O 3 Molecular Weight: 76.05 We manufacture glycolic acid of 99%, 70% as the materials of many fields and try our best effort to meet customers' requirements. 0 Glycolic Acid Liquid Solubility: Freely soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, acetic acid and ethyl acetate; slightly soluble in ethyl ether, but hardly soluble in hydrocarbon solvents. 2. The mixture of glycolic acid 20% solution and formic acid 1% is a highly efficient and low-cost cleaning agent used in air-conditioning, boilers, running piping, electrical plant, dondenser, heart exchanger, etc.

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Shop for methanol hplc grade. at Alibaba.com to find cheap ingredients for manufacturing many different types of products. Whether working in medicine or food production, there are plenty of options to choose from. Find methanol hplc grade. that can be used as solvents for lab work or topical medicine to eliminate certain parasites. Most types are medical and food-grade for the user's safety.

Many methanol hplc grade. come in a colorless liquid form that can be stored in bottles and containers. Others are made into fine powders that are easy to dissolve in water. Most varieties feature high levels of purity to make them safer and easier to work with and prevent contamination of the final product. Different grades are available to serve a variety of purposes.

When shopping for methanol hplc grade. at Alibaba.com, it becomes easy to customize an order. Make purchases by the kilogram or ton and get just the right amount to keep any facility supplied. Customers can usually request customized packaging to make the product easier to transport and store. Certain suppliers can also provide a sample batch, allowing anyone to try the ingredients out before purchasing a larger amount for more long-term use.

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