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These wholesale microdry bath mat are a functional yet stylish way to prevent slips and accidents by absorbing the inevitable water spills coming from the shower, sink, and faucet. Bathroom rugs, bathroom mats, and bathroom runners also provide more traction to the users' feet thereby contributing to an increased level of safety as opposed to merely keeping the floor dry.

Some of the bath rugs available have added features that you or your clients may find interesting. Use non-slip bath mats to quickly lessen the danger of slipping to any bathroom. Use these for high foot traffic areas like grocery store bathrooms, restaurant bathrooms, or use them for your own home. Install bamboo bath mats and wooden bath mats if you are particularly interested in issues like recyclability and sustainability, and want a sophisticated look for your bathroom that is very hard to beat using other materials. Use memory foam bath mats or memory foam bath rugs to experience levels of comfort and luxury that can be hard to replicate with bath rugs made out of plastic.

microdry bath mat are not only functional. Properly thought-out bathroom mat sets can elevate a bathroom's look and style. They are available in many colors. Just as an example there are gray bathroom rugs, black bathroom rugs, and white bathroom rugs which provide a neutral, subdued, but very sophisticated look and feel that will never go out of style. On the other hand, pink bathroom rugs, and red bathroom rugs throw playful undertones that are perfect for matching your mood. These bright and powerful colors can also be used to accentuate the bath space.