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We provide our customers with high-quality, high-precision made-in-Japan cutting tools, machinery, and tooling from hundreds of Japanese manufacturers. We have over 5 years of experience exporting to Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, as well as the EU. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries for products related to manufacturing industries such as machine tools, tooling, machine tool parts, and industrial machinery.

Especially in the production process. In the past years , we joint the machine exhibition every year . Contact us Selina Chen Sales Department Tengzhou Luzhong Machine Tool Co.

2. Our portable band saw has the advantage of stepless speed regulation. 3. Our portable band saw is easy to use. 4. The saw bow of our portable band saw can be rotated from 0° to 45°.

Before the machine arrive at the port, the shipping company will call you. Q5:Where is your company located9 A5:We are Chinese Our city is Laizhou . Q6:Are there any requirements for the dealer9 A6:There is no special conditions to be our dealer.

Feature 1. Adopt high linear speed, thin saw blade, smooth cutter and narrow cutting path, saving material 2. Adopt outer convey frame, easy to change belt, with high efficiency. 3. Designed with simple structure, so that it is wearable and can be maintained easily. 4. Adjustable angle table keeping the cutting path smooth and precise.


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The perfect mini band saw can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity. They make cutting and trimming wood extremely easy and timesaving, which is good for your business or personal use. Different individuals and businesses have unique timber and wood cutting needs. Therefore, choosing the right mini band saw is not a one size fits all situation. Nonetheless, on Alibaba.com, you’ll get the best mini band saw suitable for your course.

Made from robust materials and innovative inventions, these mini band saw are highly durable. They will serve you for long lifespans while giving you the topmost performance. The newer designs make the mini band saw highly efficient while consuming low energy; hence, helping you to save on electricity and fuel bills. The mini band saw are loaded with extra safety features that ensure operators are not exposed to any forms of hazards.

The large and diverse selection of mini band saw guarantees you that you will always get a model that will perfectly fit your needs and keep you running. On Alibaba.com, the mini band saw enlisted are surprisingly easy to acquire since they have incredibly fair buying prices. Maintaining these mini band saw is also relatively easy because they are highly resistant to mechanical stress to prevent breaking down. Nevertheless, their spare parts and repairs are readily available.

Explore Alibaba.com today and discover the best mini band saw available online. Spend your money wisely by getting the best-suited mini band saw to match your unique needs and requirements. Because you will be getting the best quality, you will be satisfied knowing that your money is giving you the best returns.