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        Q: Physics projectile motion help please! WILL AWARD BEST ANSWER!?
A: The basic diagram is this following website/linghunt.com/101Spearfishing/101P ...   But you required to add a layer of glass between the water and air . What was happening in the glass is displayed on the right-hand diagram here : https : //image.slidesharecdn.com/10-2-ref ...   You ought to be able to combine these into a single diagram if you 's thinking it ! 

Q: What is conveyor belt?
A: A conveyor belt ( or belt conveyor ) was comprised of two or more pulleys , with a constant loop of material - the conveyor belt - that rotates about them . One or both of the pulleys are powered , moving the belt and the material on the belt forwards . The powered pulley 's called the driving pulley whilst the unpowered pulley 's called the idler . There 's two principal industrial classes of belt conveyors ; Those in general material handling like those moving boxes along inside a factory and bulk material handling like those employed to transport industrial and agrarian materials , such as grain , coal , ores , etc . usuallies in outdoor placements . Generally corporations providing general material handling type belt conveyors do not provide the conveyors for bulk material handling . In addition there exist a numbers of commercial apps of belt conveyors like those in grocery storing . 

Q: What do scientist sometimes refer to as the Conveyor belt theory?
A: That 's an oceanography question .   There 's an ocean current that goes all the way over the world and carries various stuff with it . One part is the Gulf Stream , which carries heating towards Iceland . Along the way it cools off , however , in the process warms up the air , which blows throughout Europe . That is the reason why towns in Europe 've got the same weather as places two-thousand miles farther south in the US .   As the current cools off , so much water evaporates that it gets saltier , which makes it heavier , till it sinks to the bottom and later goes south to Antarctica before turning to the Indian Ocean and continuous its voyage .