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        Q: How to maintain a gasoline electric generator?
A: To retaining the generator you are required follow the below step :  - Get appropriate spare a part in your inventory as recommendation of the maker .  - Always keep the maintenance book available .  - Get a highly specialized maintenance person readily accessible whether within your organization or via third party .  - Follow the maintenance handbook for the routine checking up .  - Keep the machine always cleansing and tidy .  - Check always the machine stcapacity and level in order to avoid excessive vibrations 

Q: Home made generator advice?
A: A 5000 watts generator is most commonly supply most of what you required , a 3500 will give a bit more challengingy with overloads , but will keep quieter wihen not loaded . That Yamaha is a pleasant generator , if your the type that drives a MB S-Class , if you drive a Ford , you are able wish to be looking at a $ 700 Generac brand generator , fuel consumption will be different with loading , but running at near capability will burn a tank ( 5 gallons ) of fuel in eight hours , the higher the consumption of a generator he greater the tank they put on .   May wish to verify to see if Fridge and freezer are on opposite legs of your 240V services .   FYI : Many electric panel corporations now make bolt in transferring switches to make any circuit in your house available to a generator instead of a gentran that just enabling a few circuits 

Q: Can you take a 12000 watt gas powered generator and take off the gas engine and replace it with an electric motor to run the generator?
A: Yes , the generator necessitates a engine turning now the shaft at the rightspeed however , it matters little what kinds of engine it is . But power is forfeited in the conversion process so 's using an electricalmotor with an electricalal generator is a circular and perhapsquestionable activity .