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Mini humidifier

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About mini humidifier

A mini humidifier is useful for traveling. People use a small humidifier for their homes as well as offices. A portable mini humidifier is very easy to operate.

How does a mini humidifier work?

During winter, sleeping with a miniature humidifier will prevent your environment from getting dry. Many viruses, bacteria, dust, and pathogens survive longer in dry air. So, a mini humidifier for the bedroom will keep your room’s humidity high so that the aerosol droplets do not survive and make you and your family members sick. Besides, a mini air humidifier prevents our nasal passage and the upper respiratory passage from becoming dry. So, there will be fewer chances of suffering from cracked lips, chest congestion, sore throat, or running nose.

In summer also, because of the air-conditioners, we can face the same problems like winter. A mini cool mist humidifier can combat all the problems. Moreover, you can sleep well with a mini air cooler humidifier since it will help to maintain the optimal humidity level in all seasons. Besides, the white noise of a small air humidifier induces sound sleep for many. Drying tissues in the mouth and nasal cavities can produce snoring. A mini filter-free cool mist humidifier can decrease snoring by adding more moisture to one’s surroundings.

Types of mini humidifiers

There are five types of mini humidifiers. They are mini cool mist humidifiers, mini ultrasonic humidifiers, mini warm mist humidifiers, mini evaporator humidifiers, and vaporizers. A cool mist humidifier adds moisture to the air. People living in warm countries tend to use it. Warm mist humidifiers work the same way as cool mist one but it heats water to create vapor. They are suitable for cold climates. Evaporator and vaporizer humidifiers are cost-effective versions of cool mist humidifiers. Mini ultrasonic humidifiers allow you to choose between warm and cool mist. They do not need much energy and are easy to clean.

How to clean a mini humidifier

A mini humidifier comprises a small water tank and a tray that helps the water to reach the humidifier unit. Take out water from all the parts. Clean the wick filter inside the mini desk humidifier with distilled water. Next, clean the fan blades with water and a sponge or brush. Clean the tank and tray the same way. In case of any buildup, use hot water and vinegar to submerge the parts. Make sure to dry all the parts before assembling them together.