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        Q: What is lathe machine?
A: The lathe 's one of the engineers ' most precious instrument . Coupled with a milling machine or milling head ( Tri-axis lathe ) there exists nothing that are able not are manufactured from are virtuallyny kind of material.A lathe is feasible to employed to : # Turn an ornate wooden spindle # Skim a cylinder head or another gasket-face # Put a screw-thread on a piece of metal bar # Drill a hole of nearly any sized in nearly any material # Machine an intricate valve , collet or gudgeon # Put a screw-thread INSIDE a hole ( Tap the hole ) # Produce complicated issue component such as a cog-wheel , crown wheel or pinion # Re-bore the cylinder of an engine # Create irregular / offset flanged elements of endleast complexity. # Turn-down a piece of tooling to fit a specific tool.The ' lists almost interminable . There was no much you are ablet do with a lathe , in particular if it has a milling head ! ( Engineers wet dreaming ! ) 

Q: I need help with a lathe...?
A: You can add an attachment and make pens . They sell kits for pens , mechanical pencils and critical rings . You can also make bowls , ashtrays and toys.How about a walks stick ? 

Q: Please help with this finance question! I am so lost?
A: 1 . Banks deal in foreign currency with :   -Other banks   -Large customers and   -Small customers .   2 . Purchase and selling of currencies between the prohibitionks ( interbank market ) is for enormous sums . The variance ( spread ) between the sale prices and purchase pricing in such quotations be extremely little . The variance is in bps ( one base point = 0.01 ) , in 'pips'* ( 1 pip is = 0.0001 ) .   3 . As regards transactions with retail clients ( tourist exchanging rate , in your question ) , the variance between the acquisition prices and sell pricing quotations be extremely huge , is also possible , even as high as 5 cent .   4 . This is the variance .    *Pip = `` pricing interest point '' .  A pip measures the quantity of changing in the exchanging rate for a currency pair .  For currency pairs showed to 4 decimal places , one pip is equals to 0.0001 . Yen-based currency pairs are an exception and is demonstrated to solely two decimal places ( 0.01 ) .   http : //fxtrade.oanda.com/learn/intro-to- ...