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The mini pocket projector, or PICO projector, is a portable gadget with an image projector that is about the size of a cell phone or even smaller. The devices usually come with a built-in rechargeable battery, and their smaller, lighter chassis makes them easier to carry. PICO mini projector also typically uses single-panel LCD, DLP chips, or LCOs display technology. The results a user gets from a pocket projector depend critically on the differences between these technologies.

LCD technology for a mini pocket projector

An LCD wireless PICO projector has one or usually three liquid crystal screens that produce a picture using one of the primary colors. It works by shining light through them, then using lenses to display the image. The three LCD screens display the same picture but in different hues because of how the source light strikes them. A three-chip LCD mini pocket projector lets viewers get full-color images with a few rainbow artifacts. However, an LCD PICO pocket projector provides less contrast and needs continuous filter upkeep.

DLP display technology for a mini pocket projector

Digital light processing uses a chip with microscopic mirrors and a rotating color wheel to create images. A DLP portable pocket projector usually features improved reaction times, no required filters, and can display 3D content. On-pixels will use small mirrors to reflect light in the direction of the projection screen, but off-pixels will move away from the mirrors. A DLP projector mini generates sequential color using a color wheel, a rotating wheel with color filters. Image viewing occurs on a screen that receives light from several lenses. DLP chips offer improved contrast, brightness, and picture quality.

LCOS display technology for a mini pocket projector

LCOS is a liquid crystal display on silicon that can display colors simultaneously. Three chips also manage light in three primary color channels. The LCOs pocket projector micro combines the DLP's reflecting technology and LCD crystal-based light-blocking technology. It enables the production of blacks with deeper blacks and whites that are whiter. The LCOs movie projector mini has fewer limitations on the number of pixels because the circuitry is underneath the pixel instead of right next to it.