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Every farmer and gardener knows that land can only be processed efficiently with at least a small tiller that helps to work the soil quickly and efficiently. A mini tiller is a useful machine that is used both in households and by professionals for performing many tasks related to soil cultivation.

A small rototiller's main task is that of breaking up hard, compact soil into loose, broken-up dirt that can then be used for planting, while a small cultivator can also mix up the soil, remove weeds, stir in compost or fertilizer and level the soil. Small garden tillers are used for the preliminary preparation of the land before the start of sowing, and the depth of operation can be adjusted before processing.

Small gas tillers

A gas-powered mini garden tiller is generally used to carry out large-volume work and at high energy costs. Small gas tillers are equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine or a two-stroke one, which is cheaper and not as powerful. Despite the lower power, the fuel consumption in such cultivators is much higher.

In order for such a small tiller to work in different positions and tilt, it is equipped with an oil pump. The crankshaft can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and this seemingly insignificant detail affects the price of a small rototiller because with a crankshaft, the action of the lubricating mechanism becomes more complicated, respectively the price is higher.

A good mini tiller should have sharp cutters that can be arranged in two, four or six easily removable sections. The more sections there are, the wider the area to be processed and the larger the diameter of the cutters, the deeper the tillage is carried out.

Small electric tillers

In most small electric tillers, the electric engine is powered by a built-in battery that is often rechargeable. These models are smaller and lighter than gas-powered ones and are usually acquired by farmers who want to cultivate a smaller area.

Small rototillers for gardens with an electric engine are not as powerful as gasoline cultivators, but they are easier to operate and maintain. Battery-powered small tillers are great helpers for processing the land in small patches. They can also be used by large companies that what to work efficiently while also being environmentally friendly.

Some electric mini tillers don't feature a battery and work only when attached to the power grid, so they can be used only in land plots near a house or a garage. They are very light and comfortable, quiet and do not emit gases, so they are suitable for greenhouses.