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A mink coat is one of the most popular fur coats in the world. It is made from the fur of an animal known as a mink. In some countries, mink coats serve as a symbol of wealth. Mink fur coats are treasured for their luxurious feel and the warmth they provide. These mink jackets are lightweight, beautiful, and elegant. Modern technology has made these silky jackets more affordable, and they are usually one of the first options considered by buyers of fur coats.

How Do You Know a Real Mink Coat?

Real mink coats have very soft fur that is easy to distinguish from other coats. Authentic mink coats have labels that show the source of the pelt. The fur on real men's mink coats is animal hair, so the strands taper to a fine point. But synthetic fibers have the same width all through. To verify mink coats for women, use the well-known burn test. Take a few hairs and burn them with a lighter. Real fur will smell like burnt human hair, but fake fur will smell like burnt plastic.

Why Should You Buy a Mink Coat?

In addition to their elegance and stylish look, full-length mink coats offer unique benefits. They provide comfortable warmth throughout winter. Black mink coats offer greater heat retention than other jackets made of synthetic material. Real mink fur coats are good investments because they are durable. These coats can last for as long as 20 years with proper care, and they are always trendy. Another benefit is their lightweight feature, which makes them easy to carry on trips or for daily outdoor use during winter.

How Do You Care for a Mink Fur Coat?

White mink coats look quite attractive, but they need protection from moths, heat, and indoor humidity. When rain or snow falls on them, they should be hung in a dry and airy place away from intense heat (like a dryer or furnace) till they are dry. To maintain the luster and smoothness of vintage mink coats, let a professional dry-cleaning service clean and maintain them at least once a year.

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