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About products and suppliers:
Fake eyelashes enhance eyes, especially if they are mink lashes. They are available at Alibaba.com with a wide range to choose from. They are handmade and use black cotton band to hold the hair together. Their thickness ranges from 0.12 mm to 0.25mm. The packaging can be customized based on the request of the customer. These lashes are made of mink fur which makes them very light. They are easy to put on and can be reused multiple times with proper care. They welcome original equipment manufacture (OEM) or original design manufacture (ODM) orders and offer private labeling service. Some of them ensure quality by checking the lashes one by one. Other suppliers even control the process as early as mink hair production, which includes arranging, cutting, combining the hair, curling and placing them on the band until it reaches the customer. 

3D mink lashes are also available. They are layered and combined with different lengths, giving them a full, fluffy and voluminous look. Mink strip lashes look more real than other lashes that are made of synthetic materials. They are hypoallergenic, do not undergo any chemical processing and contain no dyes that may be harmful to people with allergies. These mink lashes are beautiful and easy to use. Other than mink, there are other materials to choose from, including human hair, mink fur, horse fur, synthetic and silk. All of these and more can be bought at Alibaba.com.

For buyers who are more price-sensitive and animal friendly, there are also faux mink lashes made from synthetic fibers that are designed to imitate mink strands. Compared to mink varieties, they are bold and glossier. Their curl lasts longer but is less uniform. There are a lot of choices of mink lashes from quality to materials. Purchase them now at Alibaba.com.