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Minky fabric

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About minky fabric

Minky fabric is a cloth material produced from 100 percent polyester microfibers. These tiny fibers are knitted into fabrics of different weights. Most minky plush fabrics are single-sided. That means the fur-like part is only on one side of the material. Virtually all types of minky fabric have a smooth, soft surface that gives a unique feeling. They come in different types of colors, textures, and patterns.

What Are The Uses of Minky Fabric?

Minky is perfect for making clothing, bedding, upholstery, decorations, and toys. Printed minky fabric is ideal for sewing cloth nappies. It comes in a variety of colors, and it's easy to wash. Extra wide minky fabric is a good choice for making blankets for adults and children. The soft feeling and cool patterns are great for winter bedding. Minky quilt is another great application for this fabric. Its plush texture and attractive colors make it an ideal choice for creating quilts.

What Is The Difference Between Fleece Fabric and Minky Fabric?

The term minky fleece fabric is now used to describe both minky and fleece fabrics. Both fleece and minky fabrics are made from 100 percent polyester fibers. Minky fabric has its soft plush texture on a single side. Fleece fabric, however, has a fleece texture on the two sides of the material. Since fleece was created to be a synthetic replacement for wool, it does not have the same soft feel that minky fabric has. While fleece has more applications for apparel, minky material is popular among tailors who want to use it for quilting, baby clothing, and upholstery.

What Are The Examples of Minky Fabric Textures and Colors?

Floral minky fabric is a synthetic material, so it can be produced in almost any color desired. Since most minky fabric is now digitally printed, unlimited mixtures of black minky fabric and white minky fabric as well as other color combinations are possible. Also, via a heating process, different types of embossments can be added to minky fabrics. Popular embossing includes dimple, arrow, star, heart, paisley, and chevron.