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Food trailers are a cross between a food truck and a food cart. Food trailers must be connected to a vehicle and hauled because they cannot be driven. However, they're usually large enough to be equipped with a full-sized kitchen like those found in food trucks. Here is a brief introduction to mobile food trailers!

The features of mobile food trailers

First, mobile food trailers have a price advantage. Food trailers are a good compromise between food trucks and food carts, typically costing less than trucks but more than carts. Second, they are equipped with mobile kitchens. These mobile kitchen trailers typically include several mobile food trailer equipment, like ovens, microwaves, etc. They allow many more food possibilities than mobile food carts. Third, they are easier on repairs. While food trailers will certainly need kitchen repairs from time to time and will require specific permitting and mobile food trailer insurance, they don't need to worry about complicated vehicle repairs the same way that food trucks do. Last but not least, a mobile food trailer can serve more customers than carts with its large size and C-shaped kitchen. However, sometimes they do come in more compact sizes like short mobile food trailers and small mobile food trailers to satisfy different food vending. For example, for mobile coffee trailers, a mini-sized trailer will suffice.

Mobile food trailer vs. food truck

The food trailer, unlike the food truck, is not mobile on its own. It must be attached to a separate truck or another vehicle capable of towing it. A typical food trailer kitchen is similar in function to that of a food truck. However, mobile food trailers are longer, larger, and more difficult to maneuver than food trucks. Many streets that food trucks can serve are not large enough to accommodate food trailers. For all these reasons, people often buy mobile food trailers for big events like state fairs. They're also cheaper than food trucks. People also look for used mobile food trailers for an even better deal, and owners can switch to another towing vehicle if the primary vehicle breaks down.

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