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About products and suppliers:

With, one of the world's largest marketplaces for B2B shopping, you can find the wholesale modem you are looking for very easily. Our suppliers are listing the latest cable modems, wireless modems and modem and router combos that will work with all major internet service provider's networks around the world. We have listings for all the DOCSIS standards with many options for the latest DOCSIS 3.1 modem.

Many ISPs charge to rent customers a modem and this is usually an old out of date model. So, users often choose to go out and buy their own external modem to increase speeds and reliability. Old modems can drop packets of information and are generally unreliable necessitating the use of a new modem. We have a whole range of wifi modem router options with the latest 3.1 modem options that come with a modem and router built into one package which will take the data from the internet line, convert it into digital information and then the router will distribute it wirelessly to the various devices on the network.

A cable modem router is required for most households and offices as a modem needs a router to allow access to multiple devices. With every household and office having multiple phones, tablets and computers nowadays, a good router with wifi is absolutely necessary. Even offices with wired desktops need a router for multiple ethernet cables to plug into.

So, start browsing through our listings of the latest modem that will be compatible with all networks and find the right option for your customers. If you transmit your requirements to our sellers, they will be able to guide you on the perfect product for your needs. Place your orders today!