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Give your business a new look with a wholesale modern reception desk or any other reception counter. A modern reception desk for any kind of business has to check certain boxes when it comes to functionality. Be it an office reception desk or salon reception, it's common to have a computer setup for accountability and client registration. They also store other materials for general day-to-day use, such as pen and paper. Last but not least, they should contain the company logo in the front for better brand recognition for your business.

The shape and size of the modern reception desk or front desk counter will be the feature where there is the most variety. For a business with bigger customer traffic, an “L shaped reception desk” or a “U shaped reception desk”, are great choices. They allow you to interact with multiple customers at once while avoiding long single lines that might disrupt the flow of people in your store. This kind of curved reception desk will occupy more space. A small reception desk is a more modest and affordable approach for those businesses that have waiting rooms and don't rely on customer lines. This kind of small reception table makes for a great clinic or salon front desk.

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