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Product properties Colorless or light yellow transparent colorless or yellowish flammable liquids. And ethanol (decomposition), diethylene glycol, ethyl ether, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, chlorobenzene, kerosene, olive oil miscible. Polyol TDI 80/20 is mainly used in polyurethane products including foams, polyurethane coatings, polyurethane rubber; polyimide fibers and adhesives are also some applications.

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About products and suppliers:
Shop for monoethylene glycol at Alibaba.com to find cheap ingredients for manufacturing many different types of products. Whether working in medicine or food production, there are plenty of options to choose from. Find monoethylene glycol that can be used as solvents for lab work or topical medicine to eliminate certain parasites. Most types are medical and food-grade for the user's safety.

Many monoethylene glycol come in a colorless liquid form that can be stored in bottles and containers. Others are made into fine powders that are easy to dissolve in water. Most varieties feature high levels of purity to make them safer and easier to work with and prevent contamination of the final product. Different grades are available to serve a variety of purposes.

When shopping for monoethylene glycol at Alibaba.com, it becomes easy to customize an order. Make purchases by the kilogram or ton and get just the right amount to keep any facility supplied. Customers can usually request customized packaging to make the product easier to transport and store. Certain suppliers can also provide a sample batch, allowing anyone to try the ingredients out before purchasing a larger amount for more long-term use.

Look for monoethylene glycol at Alibaba.com to make manufacturing jobs much more economical. Get the right chemicals for safe and productive work in a laboratory or factory. With so many monoethylene glycol available, it is easy to get a shipment that will fulfill project needs at a reasonable price.