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        Q: Is it really so important to be popular?
A: Being popular 're not everything it 's cut out to be . Yes , everyone wants it , but later again everyone was always in your company and always wished to be your bff , for all the incorrect grounds . I am not gunna lying , I 'm pretty popular [ I 'm thirteen ) . But , i have my few girl children and guys who i am aware got my back no matter what . . . and thereforeme just wan na be my friend to be popular . Do n't 're trying be popular i do n't mind what other people think . Popularity is foolish recalling that.And the sentencing 5 and on of such was not made by the same person.This last part was made by an 11-year-old.Bye 

Q: What was the most popular car in 1993?
A: Do n't 're trying be such as those popular people inmovies and on tv with an attitude , you is gonna be aything but popular . The number 1 thing to do is to be outgoing ; d o n't be shy . 

Q: How can you be the most popular girl in school?
A: if you mean popular like most of the population aged the schooling knows you , than you make friconcludes with more peoples . however , if you wan na be like the popular rude kind , you sorta got ta buy friends ... ... literally ... ... purchased them stuff and you become popular ... ... ... ... .but go with the one with the more people know you thing ... .. its better