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A motherboard is a circuit board that controls all processes made on a computer. It is commonly known as a motherboard PC because it is the main component of personal computers. A computer motherboard functions as the brain of a digital computer. All motherboard components are connected to specific parts of the computer. When the computer is switched on, the PC motherboard dictates what task or process certain computer parts should perform. If the motherboard is damaged, the computer cannot function at all.

A motherboard is used on both desktop computers and laptops

As mentioned, personal digital computers can only operate when connected to a main motherboard. The same goes for laptops. A laptop motherboard is significantly smaller than a standard desktop motherboard. Laptop motherboard parts are also more compact to allow them to fit inside the narrow space inside a laptop. Despite the difference in motherboard sizes, laptop motherboards are capable of functioning just as well as computer motherboards do. The only issue that people tend to experience with laptop motherboards is that they heat up much faster than PC motherboards do. There tends to be less air circulation inside a laptop compared to a desktop. The issue is usually solved by using an external fan to cool the motherboard.

A high-performing motherboard is needed for playing games on a computer

A gaming motherboard requires more storage because most computer games take up a lot of memory space. High-resolution graphics, music, and controls constitute large gigabytes of storage. Using a low-storage motherboard for gaming might cause the game to lag or slow down. In severe cases, the game even crashes or completely shuts down because the motherboard can no longer process it properly. That is why people who enjoy playing games like to personalize their computers and motherboards. A PC gaming motherboard has large storage and memory to accommodate the technical requirements of computer games.