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What is urea N46?

Urea N46 is a type of fertilizer that is composed of 46% nitrogen. It's most commonly used to help crops grow, but it can also be applied to soil to prevent erosion and increase its overall fertility.

How is urea 46 made?

Urea 46 is a product of the ammonia-producing process, which is a chemical process that converts coal, natural gas, or oil into carbon dioxide. The resulting carbon dioxide is then converted into urea through a chemical reaction with ammonia.

How much nitrogen is in urea 46?

Urea N46 is an organic compound that contains 46% nitrogen, making it an excellent fertilizer for plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and sweet corn.

What is the difference between NPK and urea N46?

NPK is a mixture of three different kinds of fertilizer: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Urea 46 is a much less expensive form of nitrogen fertilizer, with an NPK ratio of 46-0-0.

Is urea N46 good for lawns?

Urea N46 is a good choice for lawns and gardens. Urea 46 is a highly-soluble fertilizer that can be used in all types of soil.

Where I can source urea 46?

Business buyers can find many manufacturers and suppliers of urea 46 on from many countries such as Ukraine.

How much is a 50kg bag of urea 46?

The price of 1 kg of urea N46 ranges between $5 and $15 depending on the manufacturer, so business buyers can expect to spend as little as $250 on a 50kg bag.

How much does a ton of urea 46 cost?

Business buyers purchasing urea 46 directly from manufacturers on can expect to spend around $240-$423 per metric tonne.

Which country is the largest producer of urea?

India is the largest producer of urea with more than 24 million tonnes per year. Russia is the world's second-largest producer with over 8 million tons per year.