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A multi-tool offers an array of solutions to help users solve tasks that come up around the house, the workplace and elsewhere. Designed to be conveniently portable, many are small enough to fit inside a pocket or include a sheath that clips onto a belt. A portable multi-tool is often made with sturdy, durable materials such as tempered steel to make it long-lasting and able to hold up under use.

Shoppers' choice of multi-tool should be based on the environment where it will be used. For simple, everyday tasks, there are tools that contain flat and Phillips screwdrivers as well as small knife blades and scissors. Some portable multi-tools even have files for smoothing down rough edges. When camping or fishing, look for a tool with cutting edges or pliers for making repairs to equipment and the snipping of lengths of line. There are also tools for climbing and other outdoor activities with serrated knives or hatches for cutting through brush and carabiners for clipping onto gear.

Another even more portable option is a card-sized new multi-tool. These are often the same size as a credit card, allowing them to fit inside a wallet. Highly versatile without having any moving parts, these often feature rulers, screwdrivers and hex-shaped openings for grabbing onto and turning fasteners. There are also sets with interchangeable multi-tool pieces such as screwdriver heads in multiple sizes and types.

A multi-tool is not just portable and useful for travel but also removes the need to search through a toolbox for the right implement. Browse Alibaba.com for these items in sleek metallic finishes or with stylish wood finish handles.