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An electric nail file or electric nail drill has nail drill bits which each perform different functions.

There are carbide bits, ceramic nail drill bits, and diamond bits. Each of these play a different and important role in a professional nail drill.

Carbide nail drill bits are used for cutting and shaving off bits of the manicure, while diamond nail drill bits bits are used to remove the remaining product on nails by scratching away at the nail surface. Last but not least, ceramic bits perform the same purposes as above but with less friction and heat. This makes ceramic nail drill bits bits one of the more preferrable types of bits to use in nail drill bits.

You may choose to sell the full nail drill bits, and can cater to people looking for acrylic nail drills. Sell portable nail drills which are easy for professionals and individuals alike to use and carry around, or shift from outlet to outlet! You can also choose to sell the nail drill bits bits in order to supplement these sales. For example, some professionals may require replacements for their old, damaged or lost nail drill bits.

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