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        Q: When the hammer strikes and exerts force on a nail the nail does what?
A: It depending on what 's at the other end of the nail and how difficult or soft it is . An influence on the nail can lead in the next one : 1 . The head ( impact point on the nail ) will compress the key to a certain degree heat up somewhat . 2 . The remaining part of the nail can compress , thicken and warm up . 3 . The remaining part of the nail is also possiblend . 4 . If the object at the other end of the nail 's hard sufficiently , it will crack , splitting , or break . 5 . If the object at the other end of the nail is soft sufficiently , the nail will puncture it and came into the object , and creates some heating as a the results from friction . 

Q: Help concerning nail?
A: You ought to be fine , if it 's sterilizing everything like the saying goes these people are you should n't have bothered any troubles . make convinced your keeping the cutting clean as its easy for cuttings around your nails to get contaminated , you 'll know its infect if it gets swollen and feels warm nevertheless its nothing to be concerned about and will be clarified swiftly . 

Q: Nail polish strips, Help please?
A: Well file your nails so they look good began to with and therefore the nail is flat and is without rigged bits .   Now , paint your nail the colour you want and make convinced it drys otherwise goes smudgy . Do another coat of the same nail varnish and make convinced its totally dried , as it is able go smudgy and will look tackey , moreover if knocked will ruin the look . Now that its dried get a clear-cut nail varnish i commend the next one : ( these are ones ive utilized in the past which are enormous ) :  http : //www.boots.com/en/Sally-Hansen-Har ...  http : //www.boots.com/en/Rimmel-Pro-Matte ...   once you have enables anll your nails to dry , if nail varnish on skin and needs neatning up , complete the following :  get some cotton buds and dip the in nail polish remover was later gently go around the nail applying pressure where theres nail varnish .   TIPS :  make each layer thin  make sure you got everything prepared before you start - otherwise knock them  do n't wear nail varnish all the time - damages nail   If your one of these people who just cant painting nails i commend :  nail stickers or nail gems .