OEM Wholesale Personalization Breathable Female Pad Absorption Large Capacity Sanitary Napkin

https://gw.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/O1CN01s1DGzt1CPTmRJtZXo_!!6000000000073-2-tps-120-48.pngOEM Wholesale Personalization Breathable Female Pad Absorption Large Capacity Sanitary Napkin

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Feature: Breathable
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Napkins are products usually made out of paper, cloth, or other natural raw materials that are used to protect garments and wipe food off of fingers, lips, and table tops. There are two main types of napkins: table, and sanitary napkins.

Table napkins

These napkins are used in table settings to protect diners' clothes from food spillage and other messes. Aside from serving a practical purpose, though, they have an arguably equally important role which is to set and decorate tables to give a restaurant or even a normal kitchen table a more special and luxurious feel. For this use-case, cloth and linen napkins are used. Their material properties enable hotel and restaurant operators to set elaborate napkin folding decorations. These have the additional advantage of being washable and reusable, so a restaurant, hotel, or diner might benefit in the long run as opposed to using paper napkins. Finally, there is a subcategory of table napkins called a cocktail napkin.

Sanitary napkins

The sanitary napkins, on the other hand, serve a more utilitarian purpose. Primarily made out of cotton, they are used to clean up sanitary messes in toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. Feminine hygiene products also fall under this category.

Table napkin accessories

There are a wide variety of accessories that make the handling of table napkins convenient, easy, and most importantly, hygienic. Some of these accessories even do the job while making the arrangement look good. These accessories are napkin rings, napkin holders, and napkin dispensers. Napkin rings help to hold table napkins to their desired decorative shape. These are available in plenty of colors, styles, and materials, but gold napkin rings seem to be in high demand, as far as keyword search sites are concerned. Napkin holders, on the other hand, present napkins to be easily accessible to users. They are commonly made out of wood, plastic, or sometimes, metal. Finally, napkin dispensers. These devices are somewhat more complicated devices, but they do a good job of keeping napkins tidy and hygienic.

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