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natural stone bead mix are a perfect way to add a bit of flair, color, or texture to any outfit or project. natural stone bead mix have been around since around the Neolithic era as a way to embellish and decorate. They've been adorned by pharaohs and monarchs throughout history, and are now available to the masses. When craftsmen are choosing natural stone bead mix, they must consider also the different properties and powers different stones are meant to possess. Gemstone bracelets are believed to possess healing powers and often used in spirituality.

natural stone bead mix can give any piece of jewelry a unique selling point. Jade beads represent passion, love and abundance. Rose quartz beads are a subtle pink color, and not only beautiful, but believed to have calming and anti-aging properties. Tiger eye beads are praised for its grounding properties that stimulate the mind and keep you focused.

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