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Find all the wholesale neon face paint you want on Alibaba.com, one of the biggest B2B marketplaces in the world. Our suppliers have put together listings for all kinds of body and face painting brushes, paints and other essentials like body paint removers.

The most important neon face paint is the paint itself. A very popular option is solid paints that need to be mixed with water to get a paste that can be applied to the body. They come in cakes that wet brushes or sponges can be rubbed against to get the amount of paint you need. Think of these cakes like you are going to body art paint on canvas. Liquid paints come with a variety of bases like water, alcohol and oil. Water based paints are the most gentle on the skin but do not last as long as oil based paints. Body paint markers are also available.

When painting body parts, it is important to have access to all the neon face paint that you will need to quickly apply and remove the paints from models. To apply body or face paint, we have a range of dense sponges that can be used with solid and liquid paints and allow for dabbing on the paint. For thin paints, a body paint airbrush may also be used. Face and body paints with water bases are especially suitable to this. For removal, a body paint remover is needed for oil-based paints and alcohol based paints and gently pulls off the body paint. Look for face and body art soap blocks as well for more environmentally friendly packaging.

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