About products and suppliers:

There are different types of neon rubber bands that you can choose at wholesale prices on Alibaba.com. They include the Casabella waterblock gloves that are long and thick for extra protection. The gloves come in various sizes and colors and have a cotton lining that gives you comfort while using them. They have a custom-made fit and grip for the palms and fingers to prevent slipping while using soapy water. These neon rubber bands are not ideal for those allergic to latex as they are made of natural latex. There are also the Playtex living gloves. These gloves have a cotton lining that gives a perfect fit and grip. They also have long cuffs that prevent water from penetrating inside the gloves while cleaning. Third, it’s the Clorox ultra-comfort gloves that are latex-free to favor those allergic to latex. These neon rubber bands have a soft lining that offers ultimate comfort and protection to your palms and fingers. Besides, they are thick, making them ideal for heavy-duty uses as they will protect your hand from all chemicals while doing your house chores.

If that’s not enough, Chinese wholesalers also have the RiteAid’s cuff gloves that are very long, meaning you can fold or not, depending on your cleaning demands. The long cuffs will protect you and your sleeves from water or chemical splashes while cleaning; so no need to fold. These neon rubber bands are also strong with good grips on the palms and fingers that prevent the gloves from slipping while using soapy water.

If you are allergic to latex, don’t worry Alibaba.com has you covered as they also have nitrile and vinyl neon rubber bands; thus, you can choose your preference. So, visit their website and order the rubber kitchen gloves that fit your needs.