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Butter is made from all-natural ingredients: fresh cream separated from cow's milk (milk proteins, minerals, milk fat, lactose) and sometimes salt. It takes approximately 25 liters of milk to make 1 kilogram of butter. And among all butter, New Zealand butter is one of the best ones. Whether it's New Zealand salted butter or unsalted ones, they are one of the top butter choices for many families. Here are some commonly asked questions about New Zealand butter!

Why is New Zealand butter good?

New Zealand is famous for its fine dairy products. Pure New Zealand butter meets the premium standard due to the fine milk produced in this country. New Zealand enjoys some advantages that promote nutritious milk and butter.

First, New Zealand enjoys natural advantages like fertile soil, plenty of rain, and a temperate climate that create the perfect ambiance for producing fine green grass, which is the main feed of cows. These natural advantages support the production of nutritious New Zealand grass-fed butter. In addition, New Zealand also has comprehensive animal welfare. Dairy cattle are given comprehensive care and grooming, enabling them to produce dairy for New Zealand butter manufacturers. New Zealand also had a pasture-raised dairy convention. Cows in New Zealand are allowed to graze on the grass green pastures for years around. They are stress-free and happy and therefore produce tastier milk. According to diary experts, the natural way of farming in this country and farming with lighter hands result in producing premium milk. New Zealand butter suppliers export their products to several countries, offering healthy butter to thousands of families. Many moms use New Zealand butter for cookies to make healthy and safe snacks for kids.

Why is New Zealand butter yellow?

Many butter lovers may notice that New Zealand butter has a more yellow tone compared to other butter products. New Zealand butter's yellow-orange color is entirely natural. This yellow color is provided by beta-carotene, a natural pigment. Because of the presence of this carotene, butter is a good source of Vitamin A. Cows that have been fed green fodder will tend to have more carotene in their milk and therefore give yellower butter than cows fed on dry feed, like grains. New Zealand butter in a can will do a better job of preserving the flavor and color.