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Add an NFC tag to a pet's collar or clip to cattle's ears with the selection available on Alibaba.com. These markers help keep track of animals in case they become lost. The NFC RFID chip is easy to personalize from the design to the internal programming. 

The tags sold on Alibaba.com are made with durable materials for long-lasting use. The NFC epoxy tag is waterproof so that it can withstand outdoor elements. The internal computerized component is protected with two layers of plastic and epoxy. The NFC label comes in many style options. Some clip onto animals directly, such as tags used on cow's ears. Others can be easily clipped onto pets collars. For other applications, such as smartphones, find varieties of these tags with a sticker. 

For a personalized look, choose the size and shape of the NFC tag. It also comes in fun and bright color options. For a unique look or for beloved pets, add graphic logos or names to the NFC RFID chip. The amount of memory the device can hold is also a feature that can be selected. Tags clipped to animal ears come in various colors and are customized with numbers to identify each animal in the herd. Sticker products for cellphones also come in a variety of colors or patterns. 

Shop Alibaba.com for a huge selection of easy to design NFC tag options. These devices range in use from finding lost pets and animals to connecting to signals for electronics. Add a personal touch to a tag with the pattern and size options available.