Nickel Sulphate

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Packaging & Shipping Precipitated Barium Sulfate manufacturer price barium sulfate Packing & Storage: In plastic woven bag lined with plastic; net wt. net wt. Precipitated Barium Sulfate manufacturer price barium sulfate 1)-We 100% inspect our finished product. Precipitated Barium Sulfate manufacturer price barium sulfate FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation!

Electroplating Chemicals Nickel Sulfate Hexahydrate Niso4.6h2o Inorganic Salts Nickel Sulphate Best Sellers Nickel Sulfate This product is a green crystals, tetragonal crystal system. Applications: Used for electroplating,as anode activation in the quick nickel plating,nickel chloride ammonia absorption is strong, can be used in industrial or gas mask ammonia absorber,also can be used as a catalyst,dry cell. Product Name: Nickel Sulfate Other Names: N ickel(II) S ulfate Hexahydrate CAS No.

Magnesium sulphate agriculture fertilizer with low price!! For more information, pls contact jenny@aqhdchemal . Also can be used in stockfeed additive leather, dyeing, pigment, refractoriness, Ceramic, marchdynamite and Mg salt industry.

Packing: 1. Packed in PP bags of 25kgs /bag (N.W. ) 25.2kgs/bag(G.W. ) 2. 40bags/pallet.

1. Q: Can you produce according to my own specifications9 A: Yes. 3. Q: Can I get the sample order9 A: Yes. We welcome Sample order to test and check quality.

•In textile industry, used for fire retardant of textile fabrics. •In electroplating industry, used for electro-bath additive. •Ammonium sulfate can be used for making refactory material.

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