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Applications 1. CO2 Separation and purification (PSA - CO2) To recycle pure CO2is recycled from CO2-rich gas mixture. Material gases include: such as exhaust gas of lime kiln, fermentation gas, converted gas, natural mine gas and other gas sources with CO2. with CO2, with tThe purity of the recycled CO2 reaching can reach 98~99.99%. The purity of the recycled H2 can reach 98~99.999% 3. CO Separation and Purification (PSA - CO) To recycle pure CO is recycled from CO-rich gas mixture.

PSA Industrial Oxygen Gas Plant With Oxygen Cylinder Mainfold Product Pictures: Product Specifications: Packing & Delivery: Company Features: Contacts:

The two adsortbers are in adsorbing and desorbing alternatively to ensure N2 to be generated constantly and steadily. 2. The quality is reliable and both the N2 purity and quantity are stable. 3. The unit is supplied in a skid-mounted manner, which can be transported and installed easily.

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